Tetanus-, Diphtheria- and Polio Vaccination

These vaccinations are recommended by the permanent commission for vaccinations (STIKO) for basic vaccination purposes. Small children receive altogether 3 vaccinations, in order to make sure the protection is maintained. This type of vaccination is to be renewed every 8-10 years.

Tetanus sickness is an acute and heavily infectious disease. It is caused by a toxin produced by bacteria which penetrates the body via dirt, dust etc., through a surface wound.

Diphtheria is transferred via droplet infection (being coughed at, through sneezing etc.). It is an inflammation of the upper respiratory passages, which can lead to suffocation. The incidence rate has increased considerably in recent years.

Poliomyelitis-infantile paralysis- is a viral disease. It leads to neuritis with subsequent paralysis, especially of the arms and legs. Due to a decreased willingness to be vaccinated, this disease is again on the increase.