Long-term Blood Pressure Measurements

Langzeit-Blutdruckmessung in der Internistischen Praxis Dr. Ursula Bong, Berlin-ZehlendorfThis examination measures the blood-pressure over a 24 hr. period. Every half-hour a measurement is taken during the day, once an hour at night. The patient wears on his upper arm a blood-pressure inflatable cuff, which is connected to a recording device attached to the trouser-belt.



The ascertained values show the blood-pressure during stress situations during the day and night. The examination serves to determine the degree of severity of the blood pressure, helps to search for the causes for dizziness, headaches, sleeping disorder, impaired vision and shortness of breath and also serves to differentiate between “genuine” high blood pressure and the so-called “ white coat” high pressure ( increased blood levels in surgery only).