Travel medicine

Palmen - Reisemedizin in der Praxis Dr. Ursula BongTravel medicine deals with the preparation and arranging of travelling from a  medical standpoint. The transition into tropical medicine takes place when an assessment of the potential dangers is undertaken, following the return home from a foreign trip with acquired sicknesses. The most important factors of sound medical travel advice are:

For the traveller:

  • State of health
  • Vaccination status

At travel destination:

  • Climatic conditions
  • Hygienic conditions
  • Inoculation stipulations

Type of trip:

  • Type and length of trip

After the trip:

  • Medical symptoms during or after the trip
  • Maintaining the vaccination protection through renewed vaccinations

  • Taking prophylactic measures above and beyond the required travel needs

The required vaccines are available at the surgery, so I am able to vaccinate you at short notice.

You will receive an internationally valid vaccination certificate