ApothekeVaccinations represent a necessary and sensible precaution against many illnesses. The relevance of vaccination is that it helps avoid serious infectious diseases and its further spread.

Infants and small toddlers are vaccinated by pediatricians shortly after birth
But the vaccinations need to be refreshed once they reach school age and especially as they reach adolescence and adulthood, so that they can continue to be protected against infections.

In addition to these recommended standard vaccinations, (by STIKO - Robert Koch Institute), it is also recommended that travellers to other countries receive appropriate inoculations(see Travel-medicine).

Vaccination is to be renewed, against influenza, pneumococci or against meningitis which is transmitted by ticks, depending on the time of year.

I shall check your vaccination protection and will show you which vaccinations you may need. Prior to being vaccinated you will be examined since only people without infections can be vaccinated.

Should you not have a vaccination card, I shall gladly issue one for you.

As I have the prevalent vaccines available, vaccination can be carried out at any time.