Practice procedures/Organization

In my general internist surgical practise I treat exclusively after private patients and direct paying patients.

My surgery is run by exclusively me alone—without any additional help. While making an initial appointment I will learn from you why you have come to see me. So I am able to plan ahead for the time needed. As a rule, there will be no waiting-time involved. And by the way, you will find parking-space anytime right outside the surgery.

During surgery hours you can reach me on my answering machine by leaving a message. In urgent cases you can expect a return call from me within 30 minutes; all other calls will be worked on the same day.

A relaxed, quiet atmosphere awaits you so I can spend quality time with you.

As your family physician I am your direct contact person regarding your health—both for medical provision and healing purposes. In my surgical office I am able to carry out many of the examinations myself. Should my possibilities become exhausted, I shall refer you a corresponding specialist and will arrange for a short-term appointment. I work very closely with colleagues of other fields.

It is my goal to create familiarity between us and to take the very best care of you. Personal contact is vital. Knowing about your environment and your past health history forms the basis for making a correct diagnostic evaluation as well as learning how to avoid potential health risks and for healing. Being a doctor means more than just prescribing medicine.


Dr Ursula Bong

Internist & Family Doctor
Berlin Zehlendorf, Germany

+49 308 472 5672