Vascular Ultrasound

Vessels along the legs

With the Colour Doppler-ultrasound examination the blood-flow in the blood-vessels of the legs is measured. This applies to both the arterial blood-inflow as well as to the venous blood-drainage. When an interruption of the arterial blood-inflow occurs under duress, pain in the legs can be the result. A reduction of the venous blood-flow can lead to varicose veins with rest pain, swelling and cramps in the legs.

Vessels along the neck

Ultraschalluntersuchung der Hals-Gefäße in der Internistischen Praxis Dr. Ursula BongThe large vessels along the neck which supply the head and brain with blood are examined. Deposits along the walls of the vessels are registered, possible constrictions of the blood-flow are recognized in time.

This examination is necessary for all those patients with diabetes mellitus, high blood-pressure, lipid metabolic disorders and smokers. Where atypical collapse states, dizziness or headaches occur, this procedure serves to further clarify the issue.



Ultraschall der Halsschlagader in der Praxis Dr. Ursula Bong, Berlin-ZehlendorfThe Colour-Doppler-examination of the throat vessels is a fixed element of the check-up routine in order to evaluate the risk of vascular deposits and to be able to assuage the risk of a stroke.