Medical Prevention

Our health is our highest possession and we should do everything we can to preserve it. With an appropriate lifestyle – such as healthy food, a little sport and regular rest and recreation – we can do much for its maintenance. A regular check-up helps us to recognize and treat any disturbances at an early stage – before it can lead to damage in the body.

A routine health check consists of a detailed conversation regarding your previous health history and your current disorders. Your vaccination status will be checked. Thereafter follows a bodily check, a complete blood picture is obtained in which personal risk-factors (e.g. PROCAM-Score) are determined which is followed by a medical –technical examination with ECG, stress ECG, ultrasound examination of both the abdomen and blood vessels.

In a final consultation we discuss the medical results with you, creating your personal risk profile based on the findings, as well as developing measures to reduce your risks if necessary. Should any disease already exist, a therapy will be induced. If necessary, further diagnostic and therapeutic measures are to be made in close cooperation with specialists of different medical branches.

Are you healthy – even better! Then you can go home happy and my „Recall-System“ will – if you wish - remind you of the next health check-up or the renewing of a due vaccination.